Well, Just Wow 2020

I mean just wow. I looked back to see when the last time I posted was … and I’ve clearly missed a few months. What a coronacoaster this has been. A few hours ago, my district just called off F2f learning for the rest of the week. Just Wow, 2020. More importantly…

PEACE OUT 2020, right!

This year we have pivoted, we have become PPT graphic designers, and Zoom experts. We have felt acedia (fancy word, huh? My favorite definition is “the feeling of mental sloth”) We have had to relearn our jobs and try to appease everyone while risking health, both mental and physical. And we still love what we do. But we are damn tired. Right?

OK rant over. I hope you have found things on this blog helpful. My mushy brain has been toying with what to post. I have lots of thoughts. I have so many lessons, groups, and parent workshop ideas I want to share over the next few weeks in the spirit of …. seriously why not share the things that work?

If you’re still reading, tell me what you want more of. I’m so happy to share class/group lessons, PPTs, and random ideas. But as I said earlier, my brain is feeling slothy, so if you have any requests let me know.

My plan for next posts are: Lessons on Hope, Lessons on Empathy, Games to Stay Connected, Small Group Virtual Sessions, Parent Workshop Ideas. Any requests? Or are you feeling slothy too?

Stay Well, People. Remain to be Hope Dealers!

2 thoughts on “Well, Just Wow 2020”

  1. I am feeling slothy, too. Is it possible for your brain to feel like MUSH? I would like ideas for virtual games, virtual resources etc. Merry Christmas! Let’s all get some rest and get ready for 2021!

    1. Thanks for the response Laura! Virtual Resources and games are coming your way! In fact, I’ll send you a PPT of good starter/hook brain games. I’ll post it in a future post, but sending you a preview. 🙂 Merry Happy Everything!

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