Talking About Racism with Colleagues

We hear it, we know it, and we feel it. Racism is a a difficult subject to talk about, and it’s a past due conversation that many of us have avoided (or watered down) because it is uncomfortable. We cannot ignore it any longer. As educators, we must engage in some active learning and active conversations in order to do better. As I write this, I don’t want to say the “wrong thing”, but what I have come to learn is that saying NOTHING is the only wrong thing I could do. And frankly, as a school counselors we must also be equity leaders. This means addressing racism with our colleagues.

This post is to share resources that can help all of us prepare to go back to our schools (whether they be digital communities or the brick and mortar). It’s hard to know where to start, but we do know that information is our greatest asset.


I felt strongly about wanting to send an email to staff. As counselors, we need to examine why this is something we should do this. (“If not now, when?” ~Hillel ) . Click here for a copy of that email that you can feel free to copy/tweak and use as a foundation.


I attached the link to the google site above in my email to staff.

Cick here for this fantastic PDF that will help you find the right thing to say when you hear something racist from a colleague. We need to put these sentences in our pocket so we are prepared.

  • “Help me understand your thinking,”
  • “That’s curious, it sounded like you just said _________”
  • “Hold on, I need a minute to process what you just said”

This is a great 9 minute watch (for you and also to share)

We are all at a different point on the continuum of comfort in talking about and understanding racism. It effects all of our students, so we have to start and continue our serious learning now. Each person will do it in their own way.

MUST WATCH!!! This is VERY accessible and informative.

Seriously, this webinar was AMAZING! I can’t say enough good things. Counselors and Teachers will find it incredibly helpful.


My principal suggested this book by Ijeoma Olou (below) . I had already started “How to Be Anti-Racist” by Ibram X. Kendi, and while i am liking that one… I found this one more accessible for a school-wide book study. (And my principal is coordinating it…whoot!)

So You Want to Talk About Race.

So You Want to Talk About Race

While there is so much more to learn, and there are resources everywhere you look, I wanted to share these. I hope they are helpful and I look forward to continuing to do the “work” (which is everyone’s own personal interpretation of that word). Whatever your interpretation is… let’s keep learning together.

Thanks for reading this.

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