Virtual College and Career Week

My counseling partner and I are planning a Virtual College/Career Week.

The main points of our virtual college/career week are highlighted below with links wherever I could put them. This will be a growing blog post, so check back.

Check here for our Blackwell ES blog…. what our students will see (in progress as the week progresses)

Dress up Days/Activities for the Week:

Online Career Guessing Game (guessing Staff Members’ photos from when they were a child): * crowd favorite for sure!

Click above link to see the template I used. Just delete my photos and have your staff send you their photos to upload.

ZOOM Meet Ups for the Week with Students:

Zoom activities will be as follows:

Our meet ups will consist of having the children have paper and pencil to keep track of their score during a “Career Scavenger Hunt and Trivia Game.” . I will post a script once we work through it a bit.

Be Your Own Hero Activities: Celebrating both the Famous and Everyday Heroes in Our Communities (a career activity coming soon)

Career Exploration Resource Pages to Share

College Resource Pages to Share

Like I said, check back this post will be a growing document!! And share your own ideas!

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