Virtual College and Career Week

My counseling partner and I planned a Virtual College/Career Week as we along with the rest of the world, are adapting to distance learning due to school closures. The fun and learning must go on! (Edited to add: And now that we are back to in person… these are still great ideas to add for Career Days!)

But let me be clear, we wanted to make this both low maintenance and high impact. Looking back, I think we succeeded (our week was March 30-Apr 3). The main points of our virtual college/career week are highlighted below with links wherever I could put them.

Check here for our school’s blog…. this is what our students/families saw for the week. Each of the days of the week are hyperlinked to the activity for the day.

Dress up Days/Activities for the Week: (click the image below to get an editable copy)

Here is a printable flyer we sent to parents.

Online Career Guessing Game (guessing Staff Members’ photos from when they were a child): * crowd favorite for sure!

Click above link to see the template for the game. Just delete my photos and have your staff send you their photos to upload.

ZOOM Meet Ups for the Week with Students:

Zoom activities are detailed at the following links. This ended up being the biggest part of our week. It was GAMES, GAMES, GAMES and engagement is the name of the game for distance learning.

K-2 Zoom Career Awareness Zoom Meet Up Details are HERE..

3rd-5th grade Career Awareness Zoom Meet Up Details are HERE.

Be Your Own Hero Activities: Celebrating both the Famous and Everyday Heroes in Our Communities

TPT Activity FREE!

Career Exploration Resource Pages to Share with your Community

College Resource Pages to Share



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