Introducing Growth Mindset to Your Staff

 introducing-to-staff“In a nationwide poll of K-12 teachers conducted by the Education Week Research Center, 77 percent said they were familiar or very familiar with growth mindset, but 85 percent said they wanted more professional development in the area.(article September 20, 2016). If you are an educator who knows anything about Growth Mindset, YOU know it’s good for kids. So, how do you get your school on board?

Step 1: Get Administrator Buy In.

For me this took a full year. But a key component of growth mindset is persistence, so I stuck to it. When the timing was right, she bought in and now I keep saying, “My pricipal drank the Growth Mindset kool-aid”.  Here’s a video to prove it; principals from my district were asked to give a minute long spot on what practices at their school add to school climate. My FABULOUS principal Missy Shackelford invited me to join her to talk about how we have used teaching growth mindset has increased student self-perception as well as test scores.

Step 2: Start Teaching it in Lessons.

When I started teaching this concept, I noticed that teachers actually looked up from planning at their desks and paid attention. Let’s face it, learning about basic brain science in easy to understand ways is pretty cool. The theory makes sense, and it’s research based.  Send an email-to-staff to introduce your lessons. You will always have some teachers buy in more than others, and some will be super interested.


Step 3: Offer to lead a book study.   book-study

Sometimes this can be for the group of staff that the math, writing, reading curriculum meetings are not always as appropriate because we are special teachers speech teachers Preschool teachers or PE art and music teachers growth mindset applies to all of us so there is often more buying for this professional learning opportunity. Both of these books are awesome for book studies and applicable to all educators.


Step 4: Incorporate growth mindset into the special weeks that are already set aside.

This works for College and Career week & even bullying Awareness Week. There is so much to be said about encouraging students to think about college, especially if your students would be first generation college students. Creating a College and/or Career Day helps students examine what results hard work can yield. Click here to find out more about creating a College and Career Day. 

It is easy to incorporate growth mindset into other programs too. Stay tuned for more information about how we are incorporating growth mindset into our Bullying Awareness week. We will be reinforcing the idea of how to solve problems even if they are difficult. We will also be having an essay/poster contest themed: How Can You Train Your Brain to Show Kindness?

 Step 5: Follow up throughout the year with emails and bulletin board displays  

Teachers love to see new displays and bulletin boards. Check out these growth mindset bulletin boards. And to keep staff updated on new aspects of growth mindset, send a video clip, quote or article by email once a quarter. Those who want to learn more will enjoy learning.

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  1. This semester we are introducing Growth Mindset to our staff. In fact, this week I am holding my first afterschool meeting with staff. Do you, by chance, have any PowerPoints available that I may use? I have the two books that you referenced above. Unfortunately, we do not have the school funds to purchase books for all of the teachers. I also have the Mindset Matters book as well. In addition to other Growth Mindset books.

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