Video Clips for Self-Talk, Making Mistakes and Looking on the Bright Side

Q: How can you help students deal the stress and frustration? 

A: Teach them about positive self-talk and that mistakes lead to brain growth.

While brushing up my “Self-Talk, Making Mistakes and Looking on the Bright Side” lesson, I found many video clips that would be great to use as supplements. These would work great for the any lessons in the “Self-Talk” unit of Mindset Matters (which is a comprehensive curriculum teaching the concept of growth mindset.)

A great clip to reinforce that mistakes lead to success! (Length 1 min 11 seconds)

A summary of some extraodinary famous people who had great setbacks and ended up making a huge impact. (Length 1 minute 17 seconds)


A short film that could be used in many ways. Underlying messages include: thinking out of the box and dealing with what you get in a positive way (Length 5 minutes 50 seconds)

A new video as of July 2016 explaining how mistakes leads to learning and brain growth. (Length 8 minutes and 51 seconds)

Ormie the Pig teaches about figuring out how to achieve a goal despite setbacks. (Length: 3 minutes 33 seconds)

This one is for the younger set, but a cathcy song by Big Bird can always win with 5-6 year olds.


These video clips are great and speak the language of growth mindset. So whether you are doing a unit on growth mindset, or a single lesson on Positive Self-Talk, these are gems that will make an impact on your students. And if you are reading this far 🙂 feel free to contact me if you’d like my PPT that does with my most recent lesson I just did with 3rd -5th graders on this topic.

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