Video Clips for Self-Talk, Making Mistakes and Looking on the Bright Side

Q: How can you help students deal the stress and frustration? 

A: Teach them about positive self-talk and that mistakes lead to brain growth.

While brushing up my “Self-Talk, Making Mistakes and Looking on the Bright Side” lesson, I found many video clips that would be great to use as supplements. These would work great for the any lessons in the “Self-Talk” unit of Mindset Matters (which is a comprehensive curriculum teaching the concept of growth mindset.)

A great clip to reinforce that mistakes lead to success! (Length 1 min 11 seconds)
A summary of some extraodinary famous people who had great setbacks and ended up making a huge impact. (Length 1 minute 17 seconds)
A new video as of July 2016 explaining how mistakes leads to learning and brain growth. (Length 8 minutes and 51 seconds)
Ormie the Pig teaches about figuring out how to achieve a goal despite setbacks. (Length: 3 minutes 33 seconds)
This one is for the younger set, but a cathcy song by Big Bird can always win with 5-6 year olds.

These video clips are great and speak the language of growth mindset. So whether you are doing a unit on growth mindset, or a single lesson on Positive Self-Talk, these are gems that will make an impact on your students. And here is my ppt for the lesson I just did with 3rd -5th graders on this topic. Enjoy! 

9 thoughts on “Video Clips for Self-Talk, Making Mistakes and Looking on the Bright Side”

  1. I would absolutely love you PowerPoint. I am focusing on mindset with all of my students this year. I am getting our PTO president to get us some helium balloons. We are going to talk about stereotypes and labels that hold us down from becoming all we can be, we are going tom wrote those labels in our balloons and let them go! I am very excited to see the impact this will have on some our students.

  2. Good Afternoon! I would love a copy of your powerpoint that goes along with this lesson. I attended your talk at the NCSCA Conference and am hoping to also become the “brain lady” at my school! Very encouraged by your talk and love, love the brain. Thank you for such wonderful, informative information!

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