Bullying Awarenesss Week Ideas


This is how we did our Bullying Awareness Week this year teaching acceptance and anti-bias attitudes. We are proud to be a No Place For Hate school. (Awesome easy program with strong message). Here is how we set up our week.

Monday: No Place For Hate Kick off Day. Students and staff will wear our No Place for Hate shirts to show our unity. (or wear yellow and black the NPFH  colors). Also we hand out the swag we get from the Anti Defamation League sends. Yes, the ADL sends free pins, tattoos and stickers when you register to be a No Place for Hate school. bwell-npfh

Tuesday: Growth Mindset Day. All classes will read What do you do with a Problem by Kobi Yamada  Classes will discuss that even when a problem is tough, there are many ways to solve a problem. Teachers will give students a chance to brainstorm a social problem (exclusion, tattling, teasing) and allow them to start an entry to the school wide poster/essay contest we are having which is detailed below. (growth mindset connection = there is always a solution to a problem, even if it’s a tough problem) Great resource we are using available at  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/What-Do-You-Do-With-a-Problem-2572182


Wednesday: Mix It Up Day: Students will be encouraged to “Mix It Up” at least 2 times today. Mix up where you sit at lunch, who your play with at recess, who you choose as a partner in class) Other Ideas: http://www.tolerance.org/mix-it-up/activities  (growth mindset connection= everyone is unique in how they look, how they learn, etc.).

Thursday: Random Acts of Kindness Day Students and Staff will practice random acts of kindness. There will be a KINDNESS TREE in the lobby where kids and adults can write on paper leaves provided the random acts of kindness they see.


Awesome Administrators!



Friday: Give Peace a Chance Day: Everyone dress up in their best 60’s outfits.

Ongoing contest through the week: Students can enter a contest where in each class, the teacher will pick the top in each category using the following rubric. These students will be entered into the grade level contest. One grade level winner in each category will be displayed in the lobby. Entries can be in essay or poster form. Poster/Essay Contest Theme: Is it cool to be kind?

Morning Announcements during the week kept the students aware of what was going on. This was a hit. We strayed from doing every day as a dress up day and the feedback was that the students knew more what we were focusing on. Now we do NPFH Week in lieu of Red Ribbon Week which I love, since teaching kindness is something the students can do every day and the be Drug-Free message is more middle school appropriate.

Regardless of what you do to promote a week of awareness of anykind… this video clip will give you a good laugh in regards to these weeks we plan.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MxqJhEfXCo


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