Promoting a College Going Culture K-6 (APS Conference Overview)

college dayThank you to the Atlanta Public School Counselors for welcoming me to your conference. What an awesome group of professionals you are. And thank you for the positive feedback from our session together. You all should be receiving a copy of my PowerPoint from NASCA next week, and that will contain much of the information that we covered.

  • “People Like ME (AVID)”  This is the awesome video clip that I spoke about that gives a powerful message about creating a college going culture so that our students believe that people like them CAN go to college:



  • Click here for a blog with the Career Cluster Videos laid out in a very user-friendly from (thank you Alex Huguelet at Mary Lin Springs Elementary!) It is very thorough and a resource you should bookmark.

Thanks again for being a great audience. Let me know if there is anything else you all (that means anyone reading this) would like me to post in regards to early college exposure for kids.


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